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A Cleansing Welcome to the Mahicannituck

Monday 4 September was a special day for the Foundation, as Lewis and the swim team were welcomed into Lenape territory by Chief Vincent Mann and members of the Lenape Ramapough Turtle Clan. The Lenape are the original inhabitants of much of what is now New York, New Jersey and Pennsylvania and Delaware, including all of the Lower Hudson Valley.

River Warriors

Rivers are lifelines for millions of people, animals and ecosystems – and all of them ultimately lead to the ocean. We cannot protect our oceans without protecting rivers. Which is why we are celebrating these brave River Warriors who dedicate themselves to recognising, protecting and defending our precious river systems.
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High Seas Treaty

What is the first thing that comes to mind when you think about the high seas? Endless blue horizons, unimaginable depths, and elusive creatures like the blue whale – or pirates, plunder and lawlessness? All of these would be accurate, but hopefully that last part is about to change.
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Everything is Connected

"When Saudi swimmer Dr Mariam Saleh Bin Laden became the first woman to swim from Saudi Arabia to Egypt, I knew that it was much more than just a personal best for her." Lewis looks back on the changes, achievements and challenges of 2022.
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'Reef Life'

If you've watched Blue Planet, you've already benefited from some of Professor Callum Roberts' lyrical love for the ocean. In his memoir ‘Reef Life‘ (Profile Books), Britain's pre-eminent marine conservation scientist tells of how he fell in love with the 'rainforests of the ocean', and of his concerns for coral in the face of global warming.
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The World's First Swim Across the Red Sea

In October 2022, Lewis swam from Saudi Arabia to Hurghada, Egypt. Along the way he passed Sharm el-Sheikh, where world leaders would gather for COP27 in November. High winds and wild seas in the Gulf of Suez made this his most challenging swim to date.
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The World's Biggest Ice Sheet is not as Stable and Protected as We Once Thought

Even relatively mild warming scenarios have a significant impact on the East Antarctic Ice Sheet. It's not as safe and secure as we originally believed. Now is the time to act quickly to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, slow the rise in global temperatures, and protect the EAIS.
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World Oceans Day 2022

A message from our founder Lewis Pugh, UNEP Patron of the Oceans, on World Oceans Day: If we continue to heat our planet, coral reefs will die, and with them, the incredible life which they support.
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Remembering Archbishop Desmond Tutu, Our Founding Patron

Lewis Pugh expresses his deep sadness at the passing of our Founding Patron Archbishop Emeritus Desmond Tutu: “What a profound loss this is. Archbishop Desmond Tutu was a moral compass, as well as a spiritual beacon, for so many of us for so long. Now that his light has gone out, how will we see our way forward?"
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