Passionate Protectors

Who speaks up for the ocean when it cannot speak for itself?

The Lewis Pugh Foundation highlights the work of marine experts and enthusiasts and helps them share their knowledge and discoveries. These scientists, activists, artists, advocates, policy makers and sportspeople all share one thing: a love for the ocean and its creatures and a passion to protect them. Read what they do, and be inspired!

Hudson Heroes

Without exception, the people who live along the Mahicannituck (Hudson River) are passionate about their waterway. They love it for the quality of the drinking water that comes from it, for the recreational opportunities it offers, and the wildlife that thrives in its waters and catchment. Here are a few of the exceptional people we’ve met during the Hudson Swim who are dedicated to restoring and protecting their river.

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River Warriors

Rivers are lifelines for millions of people, animals and ecosystems – and all of them ultimately lead to the ocean. We cannot protect our oceans without protecting rivers. Which is why we are celebrating these brave River Warriors who dedicate themselves to recognising, protecting and defending our precious river systems.

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Coral Champions

Every degree matters, which is why these Coral Champions are working hard to protect, promote, record, celebrate and propagate one of the world's most diverse ecosystems. Join us in saluting them and the wonderful work they do!

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Voices for Kelp

Out of sight, out of mind: the saying has never been truer than for kelp. Now at last the world is paying attention, led by these Voices for Kelp who observe, record, preserve, conserve, educate and celebrate all things kelp.

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Ocean Heroes

They love our seas and oceans and have devoted their lives to protecting them – sometimes at immense personal cost. Marine environments around the world are better off because of them. We salute their bravery.

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Time for Nature

On World Environment Day 2020, Journalist Femi Oke asked 13 UNEP Patrons and Goodwill Ambassadors what inspired them to become environmentalist leaders, and to remind us how critical it is to care for nature in this time of environmental crisis.

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