Protecting our Oceans

for a peaceful and sustainable future

The best way to ensure environmental justice for our oceans is to protect them from human abuse and exploitation. The best way to do that is by creating Marine Protected Areas.

Our campaigns have been instrumental in the protection of 3.5 million km² of ocean. And because everything is connected, we work to protect rivers that feed oceans, and their catchments too.

Our 30x30 campaign aims to fully protect 30% of the world's oceans by 2030. To date 132 nations have  committed to the #30x30 goal, helping to rebuild our destructive relationship with nature

Our founder, endurance swimmer Lewis Pugh, is known for his environmental diplomacy, using sport to unify across divides. His access to global leaders and policy makers means he can influence decisions that make a difference.

“I urge you to support The Lewis Pugh Foundation and the crucial work it does to promote peace and protect our oceans.”

Archbishop Emeritus Desmond Tutu (1931- 2021)

Nobel Peace Laureate and Founding Patron of the Lewis Pugh Foundation

Our Latest News


Increased protection for SGSSI biodiversity hotspot

In March 2024 the UK government increased protection for South Georgia and the South Sandwich Islands (SGSSI) by 166,000km². This increase is equivalent to an area of water larger than England and Wales combined!

When Lewis pioneered his swim in SGSSI in 2017, only 2% of this crucial biodiversity hotspot had full protection. In the year following the swim, the UK increased protection to 23%. This recent announcement brings the level of protection to 36%.

Find out why the SGSSI archipelago, easily the most important wildlife haven under UK jurisdiction, deserves full protection

Celebrating Marine Scientists this Women’s Day

From discovering new fish to mapping the ocean floor, women scientists have done amazing things for our oceans. This International Women's Day, let's dive into the stories of ten women who made big waves in ocean science. Join us in celebrating their work and the discoveries they have shared with the world.
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Haunting Depths

In his new series 'SINK / RISE', fine art photographer, Nick Brandt, offers a chilling underwater immersion into the lives of South Pacific Islanders.
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How deep is your love?

From seahorse couples who come together in the morning to dance, to male pufferfish who attract mates by creating intricate sand sculptures, the ocean is brimming with examples of creativity, devotion and endearment.
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Hudson Swim in the Media

We’ve been all over the news since Lewis successfully completed his 315-mile swim down the Hudson River. In case you missed some of the stories, you can relive the swim and catch up with the reactions during and after right here.
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A Cleansing Welcome to the Mahicannituck

Monday 4 September was a special day for the Foundation, as Lewis and the swim team were welcomed into Lenape territory by Chief Vincent Mann and members of the Lenape Ramapough Turtle Clan. The Lenape are the original inhabitants of much of what is now New York, New Jersey and Pennsylvania and Delaware, including all of the Lower Hudson Valley.
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River Warriors

Rivers are lifelines for millions of people, animals and ecosystems – and all of them ultimately lead to the ocean. We cannot protect our oceans without protecting rivers. Which is why we are celebrating these brave River Warriors who dedicate themselves to recognising, protecting and defending our precious river systems.
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