A Cleansing Welcome to the Mahicannituck

Monday 4 September was a special day for the Foundation, as Lewis and the swim team were welcomed into Lenape territory by Chief Vincent Mann and members of the Lenape Ramapough Turtle Clan.

The Lenape are the original inhabitants of much of what is now New York, New Jersey and Pennsylvania and Delaware, including all of the Lower Hudson Valley.

The ceremony took place at the Hudson River Maritime Museum in Kingston.

After a ritual smudging (smoke cleanse) and some words of welcome from the Chief, Lewis joined the drum circle. Gifts were exchanged, and Lewis was honoured with a peace pipe, symbolising the peaceful connection between all living beings, and respect for the earth as the foundation that supports us all.

Watch the video for highlights of the ceremony, and an important message about indigenous voices, which should flow like rivers from all parts of the world to carry their message of peaceful cooperation.

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