People of the Mahicannituck

Without exception, the people who live along the Mahicannituck (Hudson River) are passionate about their waterway.
They love it for the quality of the drinking water that comes from it, for the recreational opportunities it offers, and the wildlife that thrives in its waters and catchment. Here are a few of the exceptional people we’ve met during the Hudson Swim who are dedicated to restoring and protecting their river.

Tracy Brown

President of Riverkeeper

“Estuaries like the Hudson are the nurseries of life … These places where the freshwater and marine water meet and stir up are such valuable ecosystems. [They are] the most productive ecosystems on Earth - even more so than the rainforests.” Here Tracy explains how Riverkeeper uses a combination of science, law and community organising to keep the Hudson healthy.

Chief Vincent Mann

Chief of the Lenape Ramapough Turtle Clan

The Lenape were the original inhabitatants of the Hudson River Valley, and Chief Mann uses his voice to keep their story, past and present, alive and resonating. He is a passionate campaigner for human rights and environmental justice, and an advocate of living at peace with each other and our planet.

Sarah Underhill

Hudson river sloop Clearwater

Sarah Underhill first worked with Clearwater in the 1980s, as an environmental educator, activist, musician and sailor. Four decades later she serves on the Clearwater Board of Directors, continuing to help inspire lifelong stewardship of the Hudson through innovative advocacy and education.

Yvette Tetteh

River Warrior

River Warrior Yvette Tetteh swam the length of the Volta River to campaign about the impact of the textile industry and second-hand clothes trade on waterways. She joined Lewis in the final part of the swim and shared her experience and passion for this planet and its waterways.

Aljahraun Wright

Water Justice Lab

Youth activism starts on the ground, and for interns at the Media Sanctuary's Water Justice Lab, that means quite literally testing the waters. Aljahraun took us through the water-testing process in Troy, NY, interviewed Lewis for Sancturary Radio, and shared his personal experience of the Hudson river.

Dan Shapley

Senior Director of Advocacy, Policy and Planning at Riverkeeper

If you want to know how the water is  on any given day in the Hudson, ask Dan. Whether it's the levels of sewage overspill after a storm, the status of spawning sturgeon in the estuary section, or the recovery of a catchment after the removal of a defunct dam, Dan is an eloquent spokesperson for, and passionate protector of, the river he loves.

Amalie Knobloch

outreach and engagement manager Hudson River Clearwater Sloop

Amalie explains the history behind the Hudson River Sloop Clearwater, from a dream folk legend Peter Seger had when he saw his beloved river in trouble, to the beacon of environmental engagement, community participartion and education it is on the river today.

Jon Bowermaster

A lifetime of Hudson River Stories

Jon is an oceans expert, journalist, author, filmmaker, National Geographic adventurer and passionate Hudson River protector. Through his Hudson River Stories and Hope on the Hudson series, Jon showcases the river and the people who live and work beside it. When we passed through Kingston, he interviewed Lewis for his Green Radio Hour on Kingston Radio.

Lisa Cline

Executive Director, Hudson River Maritime Museum, Kingston

Lisa Cline is as passionate about the Hudson’s history as she is about the river itself. At the Hudson River Maritime Museum she curates modern and retrospective maritime events, and graciously made this historic space available for our ceremony with the Ramapough Lenape Nation when we passed through Kingston.

Media Sanctuary

Promoting social and environmental justice along the banks of the Hudson

The Media Sanctuary uses art, science, and participatory action to promote social and environmental justice, and freedom of creative expression. Initiatives include the Nature Lab, Commuity Science Lab, Water Lab, and Sanctuary Radio and TV. Here's how they make a difference.

Chris Swain

first person to swim the length of the HUDSON, almost 20 years ago

Chris Swain was the first person to swim the length of the Hudson River, back in 2005, using aids including a wetsuit and flippers. His passion, humility and dedication inspired us all, and his engagement with the Hudson community first alerted us to the deep love its people have for this River.

Marist College

academics, athletics, and conservation converge on the River

Marist College swim team, water polo team, rowing team, its President – and the President's wife! – all jumped in the water with Lewis as he passed Poughkeepsie. Their energy and enthusiasm are palpable in this video from the day.

David Borton

Solar Sal Boats - Exploring the beauty of the river by the power of the sun

David Borton is an avid Hudson enthusiast and the genius behind Solar Sal Boats. These entirely solar-powered boats were the first vessels to earn a U.S. Coast Guard 'Certificate of Inspection' to take passengers for hire, and explore the Hudson on sunshine.

Dan Lundquist

Advocating for the river's health via water quality testing

Dan is part of the Riverkeeper organisation's water testing team. During the swim he took us through the water-testing process, and outlined some of the dangers that chemicals like PCBs and sewage pose to the Hudson river.

Chris Harrington

Director of wastewater at the queensbury water department

Chris is passionate about clean water - particularly the Hudson water that comes through his treatment plant. In this video he reminds us how we need to value not only the Hudson River, but all our natural resources.

Mark Barrow

connecting the rivers

For decades, River Warrior Mark Barrow has been documenting underwater pollution and helping raise awareness of the devastating impact sewage pollution has on UK rivers. Mark sent us this message of support during the Hudson River swim, which he shot on the banks of the River Wharfe. Messages like this remind us that all rivers around the world urgently need our love and attention.

José Manuyama Ahuite

support from south america

Peruvian River Warrior José Manuyama Ahuite, is a passionate advocate for the protection of rivers. He and fellow member of the Water Defence Committee in Iquitos, Peru, put together this video supporting Lewis and cheering him on during the Hudson River Swim.