This was our first swim since our success in declaring the Ross Sea MPA, and officially launched our Antarctica 2020 campaign.

We chose Half Moon Island in the Bellingshausen Sea, at 62°S.

The sea is named after the Russian Admiral who led the Russian expedition that discovered the continent of Antarctica at the beginning of the 19th century.

Our Antarctica 2020 campaign was timed to commemorate the 200-year anniversary of Antarctica's discovery with a chain of Marine Protected Areas around the continent. Proper protection is critical to safeguard the abundant wildlife in the Southern Ocean from industrial overfishing and the impacts of global warming. Protected areas are more robust, and can better withstand climate change and recover more quickly from human interference. The same can't be said for our swimmer; cold water swims don't get easier with time. Watch the video below to see how Lewis completed the one-kilometre swim in 0°C in 17:30 mins.

It took a lot longer than that for his body to recover, but Lewis vows he will not stop swimming in Antarctica's waters until they are fully and properly protected.