My watch clicked over midnight and into the morning.

It was the first night swim I've done, and my crew were worried about losing sight of me.

The solution, they decided, was to tie neon glow-in-the-dark sticks around my wrists. They might not be able to see me clearly, but they could certainly see luminescent pink, orange and yellow.

Any other suggestions for making me appear more visible at night are welcome (without switching on any lights as they distract the skipper!).

We had our sponsors, FXTM, on board for the night so they could see what life is like behind the scenes.


However, whilst the wind had dropped compared to the past few days, there were still two-metre waves, which led to more than one casualty from seasickness.

Finally getting back to Dartmouth harbour in the middle of the night, I flopped into bed for a dreamless sleep that only comes with physical exhaustion.

I'm starting to lose weight rapidly now and can never seem to get enough sleep.

Tonight's swim squeezed out energy from every last calorie I had, though I'll be in the water again in six hours' time.

10.78km (6.7miles)