Today was a busy day!

We were joined by a Sky News team at 7.30am to record several rounds of interviews and to film for live TV. It was great to have a platform to speak about exactly why I'm swimming from Land's End to Dover, as well as to talk about the highlights and the tougher parts of endurance open water swimming.

Sky also timed it very well, as we were still on a high from celebrating reaching the halfway mark. This was followed by interviews with Euro News and NBC via a video call.

After a morning of courting the media, it was finally time to say goodbye to Portland - our home for the past five days - and head out to sea for the day's swim.

Yet again, we benefited from better conditions than we had ever dared to hope for on neap tides.

With a current of two and a half knots behind me, I covered my 10km in around an hour and a half. Conditions were so good that I kept swimming for another half an hour.

Having several days of unexpectedly good tides has meant that I am now 10km ahead of where I was meant to be by day 27.

Screen Shot 2018-08-08 at 08.09.27.png

This knowledge is a weight off my shoulders, as it means that if we have a day of bad weather - as is expected on the weekend - or if I am struggling with an injury, we have the flexibility to not swim for a day without getting behind.

We were joined by two more guests this afternoon; firstly, Ella Foote from Outdoors Swimming Magazine, who was sporting a fantastic swimming costume made from recycled ocean plastic and fishing nets.

It was heartening to see yet another example of the re-purposing of ocean pollution.

My other guest for the day was an old friend, Sal Loxley, who flew over from Haiti to support me. He too swam with me in a Channel crossing relay exactly 20 years ago today.

On the 20th anniversary, it was very special to be back in the water with him.

The crew decided to throw a proper celebration to mark the halfway point today too. They surprised me mid-swim with a banner and music for the occasion, with our 1st mate, Rowan, launching himself off the stern.

What an awesome team I have supporting me.

8 miles (12.96km) - Total 174 miles (279.65km)