Today was a disaster.

I spent two hours trying to fight my way around the final headland, Dungeness, in rough seas without success.

Over the course of 44 days, I've swum around eight headlands - from Land's End, all the way to Beachy Head just a few days ago. But on day 45, I'm stuck.

Like yesterday, there was no current as we are on the worst of the neap tide. Every stroke was a challenge - it just didn't get any easier. I was left so exhausted that my crew had to half-pull me out of the water.

I'm left with a difficult choice for tomorrow. Do I swim close to shore in the hopes of getting sucked around the headland?

Doing this would take me very close to the nuclear power station, and I'm not especially comfortable swimming in waters so close to it. There's also no guarantee that the current will be strong enough to make up for the lost distance.

The alternative is taking the off-shore current. This would take me dangerously close to a shipping lane - this part of the English Channel has the busiest shipping lanes of anywhere in the world.

It could also mean swimming extra kilometres to get back towards land again, which would take time and energy that I can ill-afford.

In the morning, the skipper and I will discuss the plan of action, taking into account the increasingly high winds and growing swell that we will have to fight against.

You can't bully the English Channel, but I refuse to give up 37km (23 miles) from the end.

It's going to be an almighty battle.

4.6 miles (7.5km) - Total distance 305.9 miles (492.24km)