As expected, today was a painfully early start.

I'm naturally an early riser, but no one wants to be awake at 04.30. I'm willing to do whatever it takes to get to Dover, though, and today that meant another pre-dawn swim.

KT_180822_untitled_untitled shoot_8104391.jpg

For the first time in weeks, we saw life in the sea this morning.

First, there was the return of the jellyfish. Not quite in the numbers we had been used to seeing in Devon and Cornwall, thankfully, but because of the opacity of the water, they were much harder to spot. It was a sign of life, at least - even if those signs of life decided to sting my face.

Far more excitingly, we spotted a pod of dolphins!

Five or six adults spent 20 minutes checking us out from a safe distance before deciding that breakfast was far more interesting. That was understandable, grease-covered swimmers don't exactly make for the best snack.

They looked much larger than the common dolphins we had seen back in Lyme Bay, which led to a debate on board as to what species they could have been - guesses are welcome!

We spent the rest of the day in Eastbourne's harbour and were joined by old friends from previous swims, as well as a broadcast team from Carte Blanche, a South African documentary programme.


Our guests stayed on board for the evening swim too; I find having such a mix of guests on board really helps to push me on as I always want to show them my best side.

The swell is starting to build again this evening, though, and is getting choppier.

All in all, I covered 16.5km today, giving us a small buffer of 3km for the approaching bad weather.

Let's see what tomorrow brings.

10.2miles (16.55km) - Total distance 290miles (466.84km)