We had a calm start to today as, due to the tides, I would only be swimming in the evening.

There were plenty of lie-ins and relaxed breakfasts before I sat down with my team to do some more planning on how we are going to end the swim - it is fast approaching now!

For once, it was a wonderfully warm and sunny day with little wind.

Members of the crew were even spotted in shorts and t-shirts.

This makes a stark difference to much of the weather we have had in August and are likely to have for the rest of the swim.

Taking advantage of the sun, we had a visit from the head of Sky News, John Ryley.

We invited him down to the boat to thank him for the incredible coverage Sky has been giving us.

We were then joined again by my old expedition leader and his wife, Major General Tim and Jenny Toyne Sewell.

It's always great to have their positive energy on board.

Motoring out to the start point, the water was the flattest it had been for days.

We took the opportunity to get a closer look at the famous lighthouse at Beachy Head - it's red and white stripes against the backdrop of the white cliffs make it one of the most recognisable lighthouses in the UK.

The swim was a strong plod, I completed just over 10km in two hours.

I am still a couple of kilometres behind where I am meant to be, left over from Sunday's bad weather day.

There is a major weather system approaching us again and is due to hit on Friday or Saturday, so we are expecting to lose a day's swimming.

Early on, that wasn't so much of a problem as we had plenty of time to make up the distance.

This late on in the expedition, however, losing 10km with only four or five days to go until Dover could have serious consequences - half the team have to leave and the support boat has another charter!

This has forced our hand, we will have to do a double swim tomorrow despite being in the slowest of neaps tides, as we need to build up as much of a distance buffer in preparation for this storm.

That means a 04.30 wake-up call tomorrow morning - joy!

6.69miles (10.8km) - Total 279.80miles (450.29km)