Today was a busy, bumpy day.

Leaving the boat early this morning, I headed into Brighton and got my brain into gear for an interview with BBC Sussex.

I then met my crew and we headed down to the beach for a clean-up run by Speedo and Surfers Against Sewage.

The is the first beach clean-up I've done on this swim where the type of pollution on the beach hasn't been fishing line and more general small plastic shards, but instead was building materials and drugs paraphernalia.

To think that this is a beach used by thousands of people every day is incredibly disturbing and so I have to ask why more isn't being done.

It was then time to go live with Sky News from the beach with a group of swimmers from SwimTrek. We ran into the sea and swam right under the iconic Brighton Pier in a colourful array of swimwear, hats and goggles - it was a great example of how welcoming the open water swimming community is.


Show swim complete, I had to find a way to get my crew and I from Brighton Pier to our catamaran, which was waiting 500m off-shore in rough conditions.

The Royal Navy to the rescue! A unit's rib was waiting for us a few meters away and we were invited to hop on for the short ride to our boat.

This afternoon's swim was a rough one, with the boat crashing up and down in a foul storm. There were many green faces among the crew.

6 miles (9.72km) - Total 261.79 miles (421.32km)