This morning we left Gosport early - the sun was barely over the horizon.

With the strong currents recently, I had already swum past Gosport so it would take a while to get to the start point. We also had to factor in time to stop for a rather exciting interview. Late last night, I was asked if I would be interviewed for BBC Radio 4's Today programme.

At 7am, the search began for a strong spot for phone signal so that I could do the interview on a clear line. Something easier said than done out to sea.

We spent the next 15 minutes frantically motoring around in circles until we finally found a spot that seemed reliable.

Concerned we'd lose signal just by drifting, the skipper decided to drop the anchor to fix us to the location. The interview was a success, even if there was only time for a five minute slot - there was so much more that I had to say about our campaign.

Time to get in the water instead, though. Conditions had finally settled down, with little wind or swell, but with a strong current.

I swam 12 miles (19.26km) in two and a half hours, still riding high on the tide. If I could keep this pace up, I'd be in Dover in no time.

Screen Shot 2018-08-14 at 09.37.52.png

This afternoon was time for events. I was introduced to the Solent Oyster Rewilding project run by the Blue Marine Foundation, and gave an interview to Sky News.

I then gave a speech to the Royal Navy about the work that I'm doing and how the armed forces can play a vital role in marine protection.

Tomorrow, it's on to Brighton!

12 miles (19.26km) - Total 228.8 miles (368.29km)