There really was no water left on board by yesterday evening.

It was our fifth day without access to a marina to refill our water tanks and by yesterday evening we had completely exhausted our supplies - even the emergency rations.

The only water we could find was a few two litre bottles stashed secretly away by a visitor a few days before, who had not wanted us to know he had brought single-use plastic onto the expedition.

We will be sure to recycle the bottles, but in this case, they provided much needed drinking and cooking water to get the crew and me through the long night of stormy weather.

The swim itself was a success. While I did not quite make my 15km target, I did manage 11.67km (7.25 miles) in rough, windy conditions as I rounded St Catherine's Point in the dark.

Yesterday was the longest I have been in the water on any day and the furthest distance I have covered.


As I was pushed onto the stern of Aquila, with the help of a well-timed wave, my exhaustion was tinged with excitement at this knowledge.

By the time we moored in Gosport, it was 1am - my team and I crashed, not wanting to think about an early start.

Three and a half hours later, though, our alarms started buzzing and it was time to set sail again, water tanks refilled.

Screen Shot 2018-08-13 at 08.12.02.png

Conditions were foul yet again when I dived in early this morning, with the sea turbulent from days of stormy weather.

The current was still fantastically fast, and I had to exert a huge amount of extra energy to keep my body in the right position for swimming front crawl.

The swell mercilessly twisted my torso and limbs, like I was a towel being wrung out.

My mind was made up, though. I was going to cover the distance that I needed to today, even if I that meant spending two hours battling in some of the worst conditions I've experienced in my 30 years of swimming.

In the end, I completed 18km (11.18 miles).

Last week we made the decision to go around the south of the Isle of Wight. It was a gamble with the tides, but we won - I swam just shy of 50km (31 miles) in 36 hours and completed that section of the swim.

Time for a well-deserved rest, with no more swimming until tomorrow morning.

11.3 miles (18.15km) - Total 216 miles (349km)