Today was a day of recouping our losses.

After the atrocious weather yesterday, the skies and seas had finally settled down. There was a calm wind and very little swell.

On diving in, it quickly became clear that I was swimming in the fastest current we have experienced so far. The combination of one of the strongest days of the spring tide and the pull around the south side of the Isle of Wight meant that the swim felt more like going down a log flume - I barely needed to move to be pulled half a kilometre in the right direction.

After two hours and 34 minutes, I had managed a 19.26km swim. I hauled myself up the ladder and onto Aquila, blinking in disbelief at the speed and distance of the swim. This was going to make up for all the kilometres that I'd missed yesterday.


Before I had time to dry off, it was time for a live Sky interview on Freshwater Bay beach. As a swimmer, I could hardly motor all the way over to the beach in our little tender, so I dived off Aquila, which was anchored in the middle of the bay, and swam to the beach - launching myself straight into live TV.

As I walked through the breaking surf on the sand, I was told by the Sky News presenter that this was my Daniel Craig moment. I don't remember James Bond being covered in jellyfish stings, having an uneven back tan and dodgy shoulders, but I'll graciously take the compliment! I like my martinis straight up with a twist, if anyone is wondering.

After the interview, I got straight back in the water and swam back to Aquila to have a bit of a rest before the evening's swim.

En route, I spotted our 1st mate, Rowan, in the tender waving at me. Confused, I started to swim over as he was only 100m or so from Aquila. He had been taking another crew member ashore, and on the return the tender had run out of fuel and he was stranded. I swam back to report to Skipper.

Ever the hero, Kelvin grabbed a jerry can and dived straight in on hearing the problem, saving the day. The man is more fish than human - I have never seen anyone move so naturally through the water, he puts me to shame!

The plan this evening was to add another 15km. In a late evening dip, we put another 11.67km on, taking the total to 30.93km today.

Now we anchor in Gosport for the night, where I spent some of my childhood.

19.2 miles (30.93 km) - Total 211 miles (340km)